There are always going to be food pushers in the world. We have to be armed with quick-draw “no’s” that shut them down so we can all move on with our lives.

Just one bite and all your dreams will come true, my pretty!

Food pushers probably have no idea how much they and the food they are pushing stresses us out in the first place. If they do, then they’re evil sociopaths and that’s a whole other blog post.

Usually food pushers just “want you to be happy” because they assume we’re miserable or just that the food will make us a little happier in that moment.

They aren’t thinking long-term, like us.

It’s also possible they’re being a little selfish by making us taste their food so that we express that we like it (whether we do or not), thereby making them feel good about themselves for the day.

Either way, we have to establish boundaries and be ready with automatic replies. Like everything, it takes a little practice.

The good news is, saying “no” gets easier every time you do it. Look at every opportunity as a challenge. After all, people may be put off for a minute, but they will respect you in the long-term.

Here are some examples:

Tactic #1 Complete Honesty.
• No thanks, I’m on a diet.
• No thanks, I’m trying to eat healthy.
• Nope, not drinking tonight, I’m the designated driver.

Tactic #2: Put it off indefinitely.
• Maybe later.
• I will in a bit!
• Not just yet, I’m in the middle of…

Tactic #3: Lie.
• I had some a little earlier, it was great!
• I don’t really like (fill in blank), but thank you.
• Not today, I’ve got a weird stomach thing, kept me up all night!
• I’m allergic, I will die, do you want me to die, Sharon?!

One last note, sometimes the hardest “no” is the one you have to say to yourself.

Remember that you’re not a trashcan or a garbage disposal. If there’s carby food leftover, do not feel guilty about dramatically throwing it away. I like to SLAM carbs into the trash. Feels good. Give it a try. ——>

In other words, if you can’t give it away or give it to the dog, do not throw it away in your stomach! Throw it away in the trash or the back yard or the garbage disposal or the compost bin, whatever works, just not in you!